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In June, the Aloe Family will partner with Miriam to help her build and launch her facial cosmetology Spa! We are thrilled to walk beside her. We are raising $8000 to make this a reality. This cost covers the building materials, and also the labor through our student apprenticeship program, training youth in need of support in job skills in construction. Read Miriam's story below, and give at My name is Miriam, I am 30 years old and I have been married for 3 years. I am going to tell you my story: I started studying Facial Cosmetology in 2020during the pandemic. At that time, I lost my job and my husband supported me to be able, to work from home. Then I started working in a factory to save up money, to build a small store for me to practice cosmetology at. However, due to circumstances we had to spend the money we saved on a trailer because we needed a place to live. I had to give up my dream of having a cosmetology place of my own. It was difficult and I cried because I knew that my dream of having a family business could not be achieved. Reality told me that I could not continue with my dream. I was inspired to work in cosmetology becauseI have a skin problem called ``Vitiligo`` it is a disease that causes loss of skin color. Discolored areas usually enlarge over time. I have on my face more noticeably and some parts of my body. I cover those spots with makeup, but one day my makeup reacted with an aroma that I used and it caused me a very strong allergy, my skin and especially the area where I have spots suffered a lot, I felt like my face was burning. I worked in a Spa and a colleague gave me a treatment called ``facial radio frequency`` and that relieved my burning sensation and closed my pores. From that moment I knew that I wanted to know more about facials because I also wanted to help more people. When I worked at the factory, I put in overtime and most days I was working 16 hours to have money to pay for school. I studied and worked at the same time, sometimes I wanted to leave school because it was very hard, but thank God I kept going until the end. I would like to continue studying and go from being a Cosmetologist to a Cosmiatra. I am very grateful for meeting the Aloe Family. At first I did not believe all this was so good to be true, but over time I gave thanks to God. They are making a dream come true that will help the economic stability of my family and I want to be a blessing to more people. I am the clear example that DREAMS DO COME TRUE. THANK YOU TO EACH ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE ALOE FAMILY FOR MAKING THIS DREAM COME TRUE THAT I THOUGHT COULD NOT BE REAL AND IS NOW A REALITY.