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Enrique grew up in several orphanages in Mexico, and was dedicated to learning as much as he could. He always learned differently than the other kids, and decided to go to a trades school for highschool, since he was much better working with his hands. After turning 18, he moved back in with some family members and began to work as hard as he could to provide for his sisters and his mom. He has worked many jobs for long, hot hours working multiple jobs at once. Enrique is a talented mechanic and he has a dream of having his own mechanic shop. We are working with Enrique to help him with a business plan, and the building of a shade and purchasing of the needed tools to make this dream come to life! The Aloe Family is providing Enrique with mentors and partners to walk with him through every step of the process. You can help support entrepreneur businesses like Enrique's by giving to The Aloe Family to cover his start up business costs!